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Factory Lay-out Design

Based on the experienced of the years of operation and R&D of the Group, we have developed a “factory management system”, which covers the full-scale flow of architectural design, production, logistics, cost, construction, etc., combining enterprise’ resource planning with production management. By integrating design, planning, production, logistics, construction, management and other links, the information and resources can be better shared, thereby effectively supporting the decision-making of the company and achieving the goal of reducing inventory, speeding up response, and improving efficiency. We provide factory planning and design services. In line with customer needs and land condition, we carry out plant planning, investment cost estimation, and pre-project feasibility analysis: 1. Provide reasonable suggestions for customers' plot selection according to capacity, transportation, product type, transportation radius and other requirements; 2. Carry out overall planning according to the plots provided by customers; 3. Reconstruction planning for existing plants; and planning the layout of the plant taking into account the existing plant; 4. Plan the layout of component stockyard, including supporting equipment and facilities; 5. Layout planning of functional facilities, including: boiler room, pump room and other equipment; 6. Construction investment analysis and estimation, including civil construction investment and equipment investment.









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